Annie Tong Zhou Lafrance

About the Artist

Annie Tong Zhou Lafrance is a Chinese-born multidisciplinary artist. She was adopted from Anhui, China in 1999 and is currently based between Tiohtià:ke/Montreal and Quebec City, Canada. Her current visual research focuses on the different methods of display enabling the transportability of intimate belongings from one location to another.

Since 2019, she has begun sharing her narrative in relation to her transnational adoption to raise awareness about transcultural identity and the Chinese Adoptee diaspora in Western territories.


Mediums: Photography, fiber art, drawing

Artist Statement

In my early work, I used to draw only from observation to help me build a better sense of belonging. However, the more I drew my everyday life, the less it became easy for me to define where I situated myself culturally speaking. To compensate, I started to investigate the theme of childhood and home in different mediums such as textile, installation and photography. It naturally unfolded into learning more about the country I was adopted from. My current practice addresses the absence of knowledge coming from Mainland China about cultural uprooting of Chinese adoptees in the West. In parallel with learning Mandarin, my art practice is a self-learning journey to navigate the sense of (be)longing beyond territorial borders.


2017-2021: Bachelor in Fine Arts with Great Distinction, Major in Studio Art and Minor in Chinese Language and Culture, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.

2021: Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK4), Montreal, Quebec.

2015-2017: Diploma of College Studies in Visual Arts with honorable mention, Cegep of Sainte-Foy, Quebec City, Quebec.


2021: Nomination for BMO 1st Art! 2021, National competition in Canada.

2021: Nomination for AGIR Research Scholarship in Asian and International Studies, University of Montreal, Montreal,Quebec.

2021-2025: Nomination for Chinese Government Scholarship, China Scholarship Council, Republic of China.

2021-2022: Nomination for Quebec – China Scholarship, Ministery of Higher Education, Quebec.

2021: Special Project Grant, Fine Arts Student Association, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.

2018: Entrance Concordia Scholarship, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.

2017: Cegep of Sainte-Foy Merit Scholarship, Cegep of Sainte-Foy foundation for Visual Arts, Quebec City, Quebec.

2017: Participation at BMO 1st Art! 2017, National competition in Canada.

2015: Certificate of Honorable Mention in Visual Arts, Saint-Charles-Garnier College, Quebec City, Quebec.

Recent Exhibitions

2021: Covid Masterpieces 3, La Fenice Art Gallery, Hong Kong, Online.

2021: Feminine notion, Rad Hourani Foundation Gallery, Montreal, Quebec.

2020: Merging Perimeters, Painting and Drawing Student Association, Online.

2020: Serving the People: BFA Show, Montauk NY, USA, Online.

2020: Le Salon Virtuel Launch, Painting and Drawing Student Association X Visual Arts Visuels Gallery, Online.

2020: Fall residency Finissage : Le mouvement des mots/maux (The Movement of Words) as a collective with lê tina thư, Fine Arts Reading Room and EV junction, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.


All the income made will serve to support financially my graduate studies in China. My research topic, thoroughly done in Mandarin, will focus on visually translating the lived-experience of Chinese Adoptees raised in Western territories.

60" H x 42" W

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