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Deloris Chen

About the Artist

Currently based in Toronto, Deloris Chen is an illustrator and painter. She graduated in 2020 from OCAD University with a BDes in illustration. Deloris was born in China and immigrate with her parents to Canada at the age of 17, She started drawing and participate in art practice at the age of 6, and has continued to draw and explore the world of art ever since. She works with both digital and analog mediums and is inspired by the world around her constantly. Aside from drawing and painting, Deloris is also interested in pottery making, films and traveling.

Mediums: Painting, Illustration (traditional & digital)

Artasiam, Melanie Lixiyue Yan, artist workshop, Asian art, Asian artist

Artist Statement

Having spent an equal amount of time in China and Canada, Deloris's works explore connections between people with a focus on mood-building and fragmented narration. Her style can be described as semi-realistic, fantastical and sometimes even whimsical. She works with multiple styles and adapts her styles to the subject matter, which means she creates works that are artistically diverse.