Djibril Morissette-Phan

About the Artist

Djibril Morissette-Phan is a Rimouski based visual artist of Vietnamese and Canadian descent. He graduated from animation school in 2014 and has been working in both the French and American comic book industry ever since. Previous work includes several titles for Marvel including All-New WolverineStarlordX-Men Gold and Journey Into Mystery, as well as Glitterbomb (Image Comics), Crypto monnaie (LingoZING!, Le Lombard), L’Histoire de la science-fiction (Les Humanoïdes associés) and Khiêm: Terres maternelles (Glénat Québec). Aside from comics, Djibril also maintains an art practice which focuses primarily on the emotional and psychological manifestation our socio-political environment and incorporates elements of storytelling borrowed from his comic work.

Mediums: Painting & Drawing

Artist Statement

"My approach to art making in my personal practice finds its roots in both my propensity for storytelling and my political convictions. Primarily a way to create without being confined to the limitations of the comic format, which is my main artistic outlet and work, I see my practice still very much as an extension of it. Even without a script to work from, I find myself constantly in need of a narrative to guide me. That narrative, for the most part, is usually centered on the relationship we maintain with our environment and in our perceived ability, or lack thereof, to transform it. Social, political, cultural and economic alienation are themes I find myself constantly circling back to. That being said, I see my practice more as an emotional outlet than as a political tool."