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Ellice Yang

About the Artist

Toronto-based abstract artist Ellice Yang discovered her passion for art later in life and was instantly drawn to the fluid art process of creating soft, dynamic and calming movements which can be found throughout her pieces. Through personal loss and grief, Ellice turned to art where she found both beauty and joy even in the darkest of times.

The complexities of fluid dynamics and technique satisfied her science background while the artistic composition, colours and play ignited her inner creative spirit. To create her abstract fluid art pieces, she typically uses untraditional art tools to manipulate various mediums such as acrylic paint, alcohol inks and resin.

Applying both science and art to fully express what words cannot, she hopes to evoke a sense of calm and harmony within each piece she creates.

Medium: Painting

Artist Statement

The essence of my abstract art is to bring awareness to the notion of the ebb and flow of life around us and within us. Fluid movements of colour can be seen throughout each painting that evoke a sense of calm and harmony. I draw inspiration from fluid artists such as Rinske Douna, who invented the Dutch Pour technique. Acrylic paints and pigments are layered based on their densities to create cell reactions as I gently move the paint with air and heat. Although a lot of planning and testing is involved, such as colour choices and the order that they are layered, the process of gently manipulating the paint is very much an intuitive process. The incorporation of metallics and iridescent colours finished with a shiny coat of resin amplifies the vibrancy and depth of the painting to captivate the viewers eye from different angles.