About Artworks and Artists on Artasiam

1. How is the selection of artists and artworks offered for sale made?

Artists interested in selling their works on Artasiam must go through our online selection process by submitting their application form. We study each application with great care, in order to guarantee quality content to buyers. We will get back to the artist within two weeks. If the artist has been selected, we will send him/her/them the "profile creation" and legal documents to fill out and we will ask for the images (artworks for sale, profile photo, artist studio photo) in order to create the artist's profile. However, we retain the right to moderate the content if we deem it inappropriate and if its authenticity is called into question. 

To learn more about our selection criteria, see our Artists FAQ. 

2. Who can sell on Artasiam?

For now, only artists can sell on Artasiam. Art galleries, artist collectives and collectors will be able to offer content in the upcoming months. 

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3. Are the artworks available in print (reproduction)?

All works displayed as "original" on Artasiam are and are not published on other media or beyond the number of editions defined by the artist (for photography, for example). However, artists have the option of offering reproductions of their works on Artasiam, in order to be more affordable. 

4. What is an edition?

An edition corresponds to the number of copies of a reproducible artwork, such as a photograph, for example. The number of copies must be defined in advance by the artist, e.g., before the first sale, and must not vary over time. The less the number of copies, the higher the price of the artwork. 

5. Is a certificate of authenticity automatically provided with the artwork?

Yes, all artworks sold on the Artasiam platform are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. All editions (photographs, prints, lithographs, etc.) are carefully numbered and signed by the artist, in addition to the certificate of authenticity. A model certificate of authenticity will be provided to the artists. 

6. The desired artwork is no longer available for sale. Can I order a similar one from the artist?

Some artists accept commissions, so please feel free to contact us. We will contact the artist to see what we can do.  

To contact us: info@artasiam.com

The Services Offered by Artasiam

1. Is it possible to have an artwork framed?

Some artists already offer frames. All you must do is select the "with frame" option when purchasing. If you are not sure, we can send you photographs of the frame provided by the artist. 

Contact us at: info@artasiam.com 

2. You cannot decide which artwork to choose. What can you do?

Our team, made up of specialists in Asian art, can help you with your choice. 

Send us your preferences, such as medium, format, material used, and budget to info@artasiam.com. We will send you a list of works that may be of interest to you. 

3. Do you offer other services?

For now, we are focused on promoting, selling, and facilitating the purchase of artworks created by artists from the Asian communities. Other services will be available in the upcoming months, such as organizing Artasiam physical exhibitions in Montreal and in other cities in Canada. 

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Acquire an Artwork on Artasiam

1. Do I have to create a customer’s account to buy an artwork on Artasiam?

Yes, you must create an account to purchase an artwork on our platform so that you can save your information, your basket, and favorite artworks to facilitate your next purchases. 

2. How to buy an artwork on Artasiam?

It's very simple. To do this, simply select the desired artwork and click on the "add to cart" or "buy now" button. You will be redirected to the Cart. Once validated, we will ask you to provide your contact details (billing and delivery address), then to choose your payment method. As soon as payment has been made, you will receive an email with your invoice and the summary of your order. Once the order has been sent by the artist, we will send you an email to let you know it has been shipped and your credit card will be charged. 

3. Is it possible to pay for several instalments?

We do not offer this service yet.  

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4. Is it possible to cancel my order?

If the artwork has not yet been shipped, you can email us, and we will cancel your order. Once the artwork has been received, you have 5 days to return it, only if the artwork does not correspond to the artwork displayed on our site (colors or dimensions) or if it arrives damaged. Contact us by email (dispute@artasiam.com) to discuss it. We will provide you with a return ticket to print and return to us or the artist. Once the artwork is returned to us or the artist, in its original condition, we will reimburse you. 

Shipments, Deliveries and Returns

1. How are artworks packed?

Each artwork is protected and packed with care by the artist, following a standardized packaging process. 

2. What is the delivery delay?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question specifically at this time. From what we have seen, delivery delay rages from 2 to 7 working days within the same city, from 7 to 15 working days within the same country. Additional delays may happen depending on the artist's availability or if the artwork requires framing. We will keep you informed of delivery times as soon as the artwork is shipped. 

3. Who takes care of the delivery?

For the moment we are working with Canada Post for deliveries in Canada and with FedEx for worldwide deliveries.

4. How much is the shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated at the time of payment for the artwork and depend on the size and weight of the work, as well as where is coming from and the delivery destination. Any doubts? Contact us at info@artasiam.com. 

5. Once received, you no longer like the artwork?

At Artasiam, we make sure that the artwork displayed on our platform matches the actual artwork. All purchases are final, except in the following cases: 

  1. - the delivery was not completed;
  2. - the artwork is substantially different (minor discrepancies are normal) from the description or pictures shown on the Platform;
  3. - the artwork was damaged on arrival;

You have 5 days to submit a dispute at dispute@artasiam.com  

Please note that Artasiam does not offer a “satisfaction guaranteed” or similar return policy. You cannot obtain a refund because you changed your mind about a purchase.

6. The work is damaged on arrival, what to do?

Upon the reception of the artwork, you have 5 days to submit a dispute in writing if you notice any damage. Any dispute notice shall be sent to dispute@artasiam.com and include the following information : your name, phone number and order number; detailed statement of your claim if concerning damage, along with pictures if possible.

You have more questions? Check out our FAQ Artists or contact us at info@artasiam.com.  

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