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Selection of Artists, Artworks, and Subscriptions

1. As an artist, what are the advantages of registering on Artasiam?

There are indeed several other platforms and online galleries to sell your artworks but none of them specialize in Contemporary Asian Art. We offer you more visibility since there are fewer artists in our platform and we respond to a demand from a niche market that is already highly interested in your work. Moreover, selling is indeed a part of what we do but promoting your work is essential for us since we want collectors and buyers to know the artists behind the artworks displayed in our platform. Lastly, creating a knitted community of artists from the Asian communities and of people who appreciate and love Asian art is at the heart of what we do at Artasiam. 

2. How can I get selected to be part of Artasiam?

At Artasiam, we are looking for artists with potential and/or local, national and international recognition. So, we have 5 selection criteria in place: 

  • 1) To be part of the Asian communities.  
  • 2) To demonstrate coherent artistic practice.  
  • 3) To be a full-time professional artist or emerging artists.  
  • 4) To have been recognized as an artist: for instance, have participated in artist residencies, been featured on articles or other publications, have exhibited artworks at art galleries, museums, cultural centers or other institutions.  
  • 5) And to be an artist that we love and wish to promote!  

Our selection committee does not demand to have achieved all our criteria (except for the first and the last). Nevertheless, it is an asset to have more than one criterion to have greater possibilities to be selected. Do not hesitate to apply here! 

3. What type of art do you accept?

We sell a wide variety of transportable artworks such as: photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. However, you can showcase large installations, performances, or sculptures on your profile, without putting them up for sale, as our main objective is to promote your artworks. 

4. How does the commission rate work?

It all depends on the subscription plan you choose. For now, only the basic plan is available. It is free and a commission of 30% on the artwork sold will be charged by Artasiam. You can visit Our Services and Subscriptions page to learn more about the benefits of our basic plan and future subscription plans. 

5. Do you offer other services?

For now, we are focused on promoting, selling, and facilitating the purchase of artworks created by artists from the Asian communities. Other services will be available in the upcoming months, such as organizing Artasiam physical exhibitions in Montreal and in other cities in Canada. 

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6. Does Artasiam offers the possibility to receive commission artworks?

Yes! For instance, if an artwork is already sold and someone wishes to acquire a similar artwork, we will put you in contact with the potential buyer.  

7. Can I sell my artworks in other similar websites?

You certainly can! You are free to sell your artworks in your own terms. However, keep in mind that when you list artworks in our website, buyers expect for them to be available for purchase. You are in the obligation to notify us of any change as soon as possible once the artwork status changes to avoid service and administrative costs.

Shipping and Payment

1. How does the delivery work once someone bought an artwork?

We will take care of the delivery process. We will ask you to carefully pack the artwork, print and stick the shipping label we will email you, then drop off the package at the nearest Canada Post office. We will email you a certificate of authenticity to complete and sign and the buyer's invoice to attach to the artwork. 

2. When will I receive my payment once my artwork is bought?

Once the artwork is received by the buyer, you will receive your payment directly into your bank account. Please keep in mind that there might be some instances where the artworks will be returned even though the sale is final (in the case of breakage during delivery or if there is a major difference between the artwork posted on the website and the physical work for instance). 

You have more questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us at info@artasiam.com

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