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Helen Tran

About the Artist

Born and raised in Vietnam, Helen Tran is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mississauga, Canada. Helen’s body of work ranges from analog film photography, traditional as well as photo-based lithography, intaglio, and a selection of book-art. Tran is well versed in many printing techniques; including lithography, relief, silkscreen, and intaglio. Nevertheless, she enjoys working with the versatility of lithography medium and bookmaking in her spare time. When she is not making prints, she enjoys adventuring outdoors with her film camera, watercolour painting, and tapestry.

Mediums: Printmaking, Cyanotypes, Encaustic and Mixed media

Artist Statement

Tran incorporates printmaking methodology with an array of mixed media within her work, by exploring individual materials that evoke notions of ephemerality and forge these elements through her concept on mourning, healing, ancestral, and cultural rituals.

"Storification Through Art: An Interview with Helen Tran"

In this interview, we discuss with Vietnamese artist Helen Tran about her artistic journey as an immigrant, what it is to belong to an artistic community, and the family stories that inspired her body of work.

Artasiam, Helen Tran, Asian art, Asian artist, Contemporary Asian art