Artasiam, Jany Young, Asian art, Asian artist, painting, korean art

Jany Young

Artasiam, Jany Young, Asian art, Asian artist, Korean art, Korean artist

About the Artist

Born in 1980 in South Korea, Jany Young (In Young JANG) moved to Canada in 2012. She is an art teacher at the Montreal School of Fine Arts (EBAMA). She holds a Baccalaureate in Oriental Painting from Andong University in South Korea (2004) and graduated from End of Plastic Studies in Engraving from the School of Fine Arts of Versailles in France (2010). She has a Master's in visual arts from the University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis, Paris in France (2012).

Mediums: Painting & Drawing

Artasiam, Jany Young, artist workshop, Asian art, Asian artist, Korean art, Korean artist

Artist Statement

"It is an intimate and personal botanical place, in perfect silence… What I would like to represent is plants’ life, having the energy of plant nature, which is very pure, infinite, and warm. Sometimes, I also insert an imaginary character in my works, one who would not only like to recharge himself with the energy of life by the force of the microcosm, but who would even like to resemble it, merge into it, whose image arouses curiosity. My work is about finding a plant food microcosm to which we belong. I watch and observe vegetables that inspire me in scenes where we humans are also part. For this, I use every day’s life food: cabbage, ginger, potato, carrot tops, chili, etc., in order to express the universe of my imagination, to reconcile several different images. Sharing this strange world with the viewer is a plus."