Jenny Chen

About the Artist

Jenny Chen is a Chinese-Canadian artist from Mississauga. She currently works in watercolor, pen and clay. Her work uses symbols to create otherworldly environments while considering themes of existentialism and spirituality. Her exhibition history includes the Small Arms Inspection Building (group), Living Arts Centre (group), Toronto Media Arts Centre (group) and United Contemporary (solo). She is a grant recipient from the Ontario Arts Council. Chen's recent piece, "The Multitude of Fish", was featured in the Toronto Star. She holds a BFA from OCAD University, where she majored in Drawing and Painting and minored in Illustration.

Mediums: Painting, drawing, sculpture

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Artist Statement

"I continuously explore different mediums but at the core, I am a painter. I feel most comfortable with watercolor because it can translate subtle shifts in energy in a visual way. I love the changes in intensity with just one drop of water or paint. The watercolor paintings include the motif of plants, flowers, vases, snakes and insects. The vases to me have long represented the body, and now the plant fractal patterns refer to the heart (usually placed at the core of the vase) and its extended vines and roots are like the veins and nervous system."