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Artasiam, Jean-Guillaume and Yang Shi, artists profile picture, Asian art, Asian artist

About the Artist

Yang and Jean-Guillaume are a creative duo armed with a wide breadth of experiences and interests. They have a foot in both the creative and the commercial worlds with their duo and personal work. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to bend the rules and to complement each other's skillsets. Storytelling is at the core of their projects where imagination knows no boundaries. Jean-Guillaume is quite the nerd with all types of cameras and Yang has the creative instinct when it comes to art direction. Together, they offer a full creative package.

Medium: Photography

Artasiam, JG and SHI, artist workshop,  Asian art, Asian artist, Canadian art

Artist Statement

"We like to create stories with our pictures. For us, having a narrative that defines our series or individuals’ photos is what drives us to create. We take inspiration from nature, movies and music a lot. But our strength is fueled by our different origins. Yang is Chinese and JG is French. We take pride in sharing our cultural heritage and being curious about each other’s. It opens our pool of inspiration tenfold. Our style is very manual. We build our sets ourselves and we shoot analog, on medium format. It is slow and manual. It fits our flow."