Mansoureh Ashrafi

About the Artist

Mansoureh Ashrafi is a prolific and inspiring Iranian-Canadian artist and writer from Montreal, Canada. She has a master's degree in law, but her main interests are art, literature, painting and photography. She is very active in all these fields and has published thirteen books on poetry and research and has had several painting exhibitions in Iran and Canada. She is a freelance artist, painter, poet and photographer.  

Medium: Painting

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Artist Statement

Mansoureh’s universe is made of colours and details from which emerges a personal, extraordinary, and captivating world. Her work revitalizes traditional floral life using an exaggerated scale and a contemporary palette. Some panels display bright, deep colours, but many adopt a soft approach with shades of white, mint and brilliant blue, with various greens, pinks and oranges reinforcing a perfectly coloured accent. Mansoureh Ashrafi describes herself as “a contemporary expressionist artist”, referring to her modern conception of floral subjects and brush strokes. She marries abstraction and realism and Impressionism. Her works are immediately recognizable as flowers, but consist of layers of dynamic brushstrokes and gesture marks. Her expressive style allows her to capture both the physical subject and the emotions that nature and flowers can evoke.