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Marilen Samuels

About the Artist

Part of the Filipino diaspora in the 70s, my art has been inspired by family values, traditions and a spirituality from within. My experiences formed an appreciation for the 'melting pot' I was exposed to. In childhood, it was difficult adapting to this new world and language. Often finding myself drawing endlessly for comfort. In my youth, drawing anything and writing poetry no matter where I was became my solace. In 2015, happily married with 3 young children, I wanted to find that creativity again as my 'adult life' had tucked it away for many years. I had always wanted to paint so I read articles, watched process videos and experimented with different mediums like oil, ink and acrylic. After years of painting florals I felt my practice was becoming too structured and wanted more freedom of expression. Abstract painting allows this freedom while being forgiving, compelling and meditative.

Medium: Painting

Artist Statement

"My sessions start with meditation and setting intentions as it clears my mind and loosens the tension. There will always be music playing from various genres but my favourites are The Beatles or 80s/90s alternative rock. These were influential during my youth and I seem to gravitate towards them. The energy and emotions evoked through music inspires my movements as I paint. From quick short strokes to an elegant flowing drip creating a synchronicity of sorts. This energy influences my colour choices as I try to translate an emotion felt at that moment. As I paint, I will use various tools to apply colour or washes and marks on the canvas. It's an intuitive energy that is being utilized. Thus creating an ethereal dimension that I hope captivates the audience's eye and feel the energy it exudes."