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Melissa Patel

About the Artist

Melissa Patel is a Toronto based artist of Portuguese and Indian descent. Her multicultural background has been a key influence in her work, which she uses to explore themes of family, identity, memory, heritage, and her relationship to nature and the environment. She sees her work as a method to interpret and understand the world around her by breaking down real world elements and recapturing them through artistic media.

Mediums: Drawing, Painting, Textiles, Photography

Artist Statement

"My artwork explores concepts of escapism through the creation of dreamscapes and collective memory. The dreamscapes I create blur the lines between realistic representation and abstraction to create imagery that is both representative of the natural physical world and our emotional sense of the world. Collective memory is the memory of a group of people, passed down from one generation to the next. My family’s collective memories are a diluted combination of thoughts, feelings, and events and are not an accurate account of reality, but rather a sentimental, idealized version of reality. I take this already distorted account of reality and further reimagine it in my own mind, creating my own fabricated memory or story represented through art. I am interested in exploring the relationship between dreaming and memory and how both these things inform my view of the world. My goal is to create artwork that is fulfilling for myself and immersive and captivating for viewers."