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Paige Yoshida

About the Artist

Paige Yoshida was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Being in a military family, she moved twice before settling in Ottawa in 2014. Growing up, she exhibited a natural skill for visual arts and being a teenager in the diverse city of Ottawa allowed her art to grow.

Finding inspiration around every corner, Paige tends to cover various styles and mediums, although printmaking and line work is her preference.

Mediums: Pen, Ink, Digital, Painting

Artist Statement

Pulling inspiration out of everyday objects, Paige adds another dimension to her work through the influence of her thoughts and emotions; Paige's work acts as a visual inner monologue to communicate with the audience. The internal state's ebb and flow are only enhanced with the seamless blend of bold contours and semi-realism using stark contrasts between black and white. A practice in which she unintentionally adds to her desires to bring light to the mundane things in life through her work.