Quang Hai Nguyen

About the Artist

Quang Hai Nguyen is a Montreal-based photographer who is primarily interested in documentary photography. Through the contemplation of the world and people that surrounds him, photography allows him to use the camera primarily as a tool of introspection, a mirror that reflects not only what he sees through the lens, but also dive internally on what he is feeling in a particular point of his life. Thus, the world becomes his canvas for personal self-narration.

Medium: Photography

Artist Statement

As we struggle to find ourselves within this vast world, we often feel overwhelmed and lost through this process. By documenting chapters of his own life as a visual diary, Quang Hai's projects have the intention to create an anchor for these people. Primarily tackling themes such as loneliness, the ephemeral and death, his approach in photography hopes to remind us that the emotions that we experience are universal and that they can bring us together instead of dividing us from one another.