Raha Fard

About the Artist

Raha Fard is an Iranian-Canadian, Toronto based artist. She had Master’s degree in telecommunication engineering, before studying drawing and painting at OCAD University. She works in multiple disciplines such as drawing and painting, installation, digital art, and making short films to question how people are interconnected through their identity in different parts of the world despite their distance and their differences. Her works are reflections of her own lived experience in witnessing people who are suffering, due to social or political issues in other parts of the world. She had group exhibitions in Iran and Canada, and got “Online International Learning Residency”, collaboration between OCAD U and Mapua University in the Philippines. The short film Abaca-Kenaf produced in this residency by Raha Fard and her Filipino partner, won OCAD U President’s Award for Best Cinematography. Also, Kenaf, the Persian part of Abaca-Kenaf, was accepted in Farhang Short Film Festival.

Mediums: Painting & Drawing

Artist Statement

"We are connected; we are connected to each other through identity, through the land. I feel when you are suffering in the farthest part of the world, I feel the pain in your body, and I feel sorrow in your heart. No matter what we are doing, and in what position we are, we go into our solitude, our anxiety and our sorrow, with the news about people who are in unbearable circumstances in other parts of the world. My artwork is the reflection of my lived experience witnessing human right's issues in Middle East as a member of Middle Eastern diaspora. I work in figurative and abstract, both, and use different mediums (oil and acrylic) to convey my meanings."


2018- Present: Drawing and Painting, Bachelor’s Degree, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

2008: Telecommunication Engineering, Master’s Degree, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran.

2002: Telecommunication Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree, KNTU University, Tehran, Iran.



Accepted in 2021 Farhang Short Film Festival for Kenaf short film.

2021: Won OCAD U President’s Award for Best Cinematography, and nominated for 4 other categories (best film project, best screenplay, best sound editing, best fiction in film) for Abaca-Kenaf short film.

2020: Collaborative Online International Learning Residency, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

2016: Shahrzad Series Art Competition Winner (selected by the director), Tehran, Iran.

(recent selection)

2021: Summer Time Exhibition, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada.

2021: New Era Online Exhibition, Eran Art Gallery, Artnet & kunstmatrix.

2020: Meta-Figure, the Body in Paint, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

2020: Richmond Hill Group of Artists Exhibition, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill, Canada.

2020: Narrative through Digital Space, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

2019: First Year Students Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada.

2018: Willowdale Group of Artists Exhibition, North York Civic Centre, Toronto, Canada.


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