Seema Akhtar

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About the Artist

Seema Akhtar is a self-taught artist, full-time speechwriter and mother of three who lives in Ottawa. Her painting process is playful, emotional and intuitive. When she paints, Seema drops into her heart to explore colour, movement and mark making. She never knows where a piece will take her, but trusts the process. Her inspiration is the beauty of nature and the magic of music, song lyrics and words. Seema's paintings are usually made up of many layers, with the first layer often being words from a poem or a song lyric scrawled onto the panel. Sometimes these words poke through the finished piece, and sometimes they are a hidden message for the viewer to intuit. Seema is also motivated by a desire to contribute to her community.  

Medium: Painting

Artist's Statement

For me painting is joy. It's intuitive, from the heart, and almost always fuelled by music. Painting is a way of processing emotion and telling a story. My paintings express what I'm feeling and what I love through colour, texture, and mark making. Words often play an important role. The titles for my pieces often come from song lyrics that become my inspiration as I paint. I feel free when I paint. I believe that the spaces in which we live reflect who we are and how we want to be. Through my painting, I want to bring a sense of light and space.