Su Park, korean artist, digital art, face, portrait, asian artist

Su Park

About the Artist

Su is a Montreal based illustrator focused on creating empathy through stories. Having arrived to Canada at the age of 11, she incorporates both her Korean heritage and Canadian influence into her art.

Illustration for her is a way to liberate herself from all the rules and lean toward her intuition. The key to her art is self observation. She makes illustrations by observing her thoughts, feelings and intuition, then a piece is created when those things meet an outside source. Her work is sentimental, sometimes humorous and playful, other times, nostalgic. However when working with clients, she prioritizes her client's context and explore the visual style accordingly.

Medium: Line Drawing & Digital Art

Artist Statement

Her goal is to enable people to further connect with themselves. Whatever she's going through, someone else is going through the same thing. So when people see her illustrations, they can connect with themselves by relating her work to their own lives. She aspires that this brings healthier social connection and inclusivity. She believes that only when we've built a deep connection with ourselves, should we build meaningful relationships with others.