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Suyin Wai

portrait Suyin Wai, asian artist

About the Artist

"Every artist was first an amateur" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Born in Montreal, Quebec, but now lives in Toronto. She trained at George Brown College for Graphic Design but ended up slaving away in the cubicle jungle in the financial service industry until she finally escaped. She began painting in 2012 to balance out the cubicle culture that permeates our society. Suyin’s art is mostly abstract, influenced by many artists from Egon Schiel to Impressionism and everything in between, including whimsical illustrations (Ralph Steadman is a favourite). She started with acrylics on wood or canvas but later found that she preferred to use oil pastels and India ink on chalk paint painted either on paper or wood. She still sometimes uses acrylics but often finds mineral or chalk paint preferable.

Medium: Painting

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Artist Statement

I accidentally worked at a cubicle job and purposefully became an artist. My work often explores the human condition and its relationship to the world. I use chalk paint and other materials; the result is part experiment and exploration. Like human emotions, sometimes they emerge unexpectedly, and we find ourselves having to cope. I try to convey this in my work. Each piece can take anywhere from a week to a month to complete. I do a lot of research before creating a piece or series of art; this helps me focus and work out the kinks. I later do several sketches; then, I begin the final piece. Once I am satisfied with my work, I stop. I typically paint abstractly using acrylic, India ink and oil bars or oil pastels --and sometimes any combination of those materials -- on wood or paper.