Viviane Tran-Le, Asian horror, cynism, scary, vietnamese artist, digital

Viviane Tran-Le

Viviane Tran-Le, Asian horror, cynism, scary, vietnamese artist, digital

About the Artist

Viviane is a concept artist, graphic designer, but mostly an illustrator. After abandoning biochemistry to pursue arts, she lands in the Illustration program at Dawson College. With her newfound knowledge, she now spends her time working on digital paintings with strong narratives. Her artworks are centered around being immersive and relatable tales. She likes to put her works in relation to reality and see how she can bend or twist the story. She is currently based in Montreal, Canada.

Medium: Digital Painting

Artist Statement

This series is based on Vietnamese folklore.

While respecting the Asian horror theme, I represented demons or spirits from urban legends. Moreover, I wanted to integrate a part of me in these works by demonstrating a Vietnamese subject, but perceived by eyes that grew up in Montreal. Being a second generation immigrant, my identity is neither purely Montrealer nor purely Vietnamese, but a mixture of both. These illustrations hopefully offer a visual representation of this concept. I hope to give a new perspective on old myths

"Asian Horror and Creepypasta: an Interview with Viviane Tran-Le"

As Halloween draws near, we discuss Asian horror and creepypasta themes with Montreal artist Viviane Tran-Le, as well as her inspirations and influences. In her digital series, Viviane represents Vietnamese folklore, demons, spirits, old myths and urban legends.