Wen Wen Lu, colorful, Chinese artist, opera, isolation, watercolour

Wen Wen Lu

Wen Wen Lu, artist, profile, installation, nature, Chinese artist, opera, isolation, watercolour

About the Artist

Wen Wen (Cherry) Lu is a multimedia artist interested in exploring the hidden, the small, and the forgotten through installation, illustration, and animation. Taking inspiration from her family history, she seeks to combine it with the present experiences of culture, nature, and community to create something that questions. Her work has been installed in spaces such as parks, bus stops, walkways, and hidden in nooks and crannies. They have also been shown in more traditional spaces such as International Arts Gallery, Centre A, New Westminster Museum and Gallery, Access Gallery, and Burnaby Art Gallery. She is a graduate of Emily Carr University with a bachelor’s in visual arts and a visual arts instructor at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

Mediums: Installation, Illustration & Animation

Wen Wen Lu, artist studio, Chinese artist, opera, isolation, watercolour

Artist Statement

"The way I imagine my practice is sort of like a dance where one begins with one partner, dance for a while, and then move on to another partner; perhaps sometimes doing the tango, sometimes ballroom, or even the swing but each exploration contributing to the dance. Beginning with a concept that engages me, I would twirl with the idea for a while until the arrival of the next topic of interest. Then the dance will begin a new - again and again - with a different set of ideas and different choice of medium.

Philosophy has been a constant rhythm in the dance - the notion of asking questions not for the sake of answers but for the possibility of more questions. The idea of moving from one point to another, one dance to another, where the possibility between point A and B (B and C, C and D, and again and again) is more real than the arrival of a phantom answer."