Xin Ting Zhou, digital art, death, snake, chinese artist

Xin Ting Zhou

Xin Ting Zhou, sunflower, artist portrait chinese artist

About the Artist

Montreal-based illustrator, Xin Ting Zhou, is a designer, dreamer, and thinker who found her passion and personal fulfillment in the artistic field. Recently graduated from Dawson College's illustration program, Xin is entering a new stage of her creative life at Laval University. As a growing artist who is still exploring her personal style, Xin is constantly trying out various tools, techniques, and ideas, resulting in the constantly changing yet always surprising series of work. With her new focus on graphic design, she is exploring how to say more with less. Among countless numbers of tools and mediums that she has tried, Xin finds that the best way for her to bring her perspective of the world to canvas is through digital painting and watercolour. She believes that as well as painting techniques, the expression of emotions through storytelling is another essential skill for artists to share their perception of the world with their audiences.

Medium: Digital Painting, Drawing

Digital art, drawing, numeric, chinese art, tarot cards, death, snake

Artist Statement

Although it is abstract, culture has an influence on our daily lives, whether it is in our actions, our thoughts or our way of life. Thus, I choose to express my Asian culture through artworks depicting characters that convey their stories and personal characteristics. My works are an amalgam of Asian mythology and surreal stories that I have come across and that have made an impression on me. In my opinion, the legends of the past are a cultural and historical mixture that reflects our present and our future. That's why, fascinated by the occult and divination, I created a series of tarot cards with a dark touch. The reading of these cards allows to discover the unknown: the past, the present and the future.