japanese paper, washi, chrysantheme, flower, asian art, japan, ink

Yukiko Hashizume

Yukiko Hashizume, japanese artist, Japan, asian art, nihonga

About the Artist

Yukiko was born and raised in the Kanto region in Japan. Recently she is residing in Québec, Canada.
She studied graphic design at Kuwasawa Design Institute in Tokyo. After graduation, she worked as a flower designer and decoupage teacher, while keeping a relationship with Japanese painting. She studied Nihonga, Japanese traditional painting, in Sapporo, Japan, under sensei Kuniyaki Nakano for many years.

Mediums: Painting & Digital Print

Atelier d'artiste, nihonga, japanese painting, artist workshop, japanese pigments, asian art

Artist Statement

"Despite Japanese painting being difficult due to the easily dissolvable materials, I love the atmosphere of Japanese paintings, and enjoy truly expressing myself through this unique art form."